Broadway, Buff n' Shine Polisher


Made in USA, this high-quality car polisher consistently delivers bright, durable finishes regardless of climate or location. Broadway’s products are the key to established, profitable enterprises that continue to overwhelmingly satisfy customers.


Features and benefits of the Buff n’ Shine Polisher

- Premier paint protector for new cars: a chemically bonded layer of super hard protection shields the vehicle from the element.

- Protective high gloss finish: buffs without streaks, swirls or burn marks. Lustre-Renu polish is specially formulated to clean and smooth painted surfaces.

- Patented hydraulic, aircontrolled 5-cloth technology: easy operation and minimum maintenance, plus finger-tip adjustments for each polishing pad.

- Versatile operational designs: drive-in/back-out or drive-thru options for installation.

- High staff-to-vehicle performance: one operator can turn out over 25 perfectly polished vehicles per day